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From the start, the owners of Ibex Metal were certain that they wanted to use an animal as an integral part of their brand. Founded in the beautiful and rugged mountains of North Idaho, the company needed an iconic image that symbolized durability, tenacity, and agility.

The Ibex stands unique and a step above its domesticated cousins, a beautiful part of God’s creation.

 What better animal than the majestic Ibex to represent Ibex Metal’s speed of manufacturing, durability of product, and unique quality of service. 

Our goal as a metal roofing and siding company is to meet the needs of contractors and homeowners by providing quick turnaround times, quality trims that can be easily customized, and an outstanding level of customer service.  When you use Ibex Metal, you can expect great products and great service that will make your job easier.

At Ibex Metal, customer success is our mission.

Stop in at our showroom at 280 Great Northern Rd in Bonners Ferry, ID, or give us a call or email at 208-565-3002 and We can’t wait to get started on the roofing and siding for your next project!

The Ibex is a breed of wild goat that can be found in the European Alps, the Himalayas, the Middle East and as far south as Africa.  But wherever you find Ibex, you will find them traversing breathtakingly high perches with astonishing ease.  Ibex have been known to weave their way up 150’ tall cliffs, jump over 6 feet straight up without a running start, and run full speed down near-vertical rock faces to evade predators.  

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Customer Service


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